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CMC names The Business Monthly 2020 Business Partner of the Year

CMC’s Kristi Simon presents Business of the Year award to The Business Monthly’s Dan Medinger.

金誉彩票the central maryland central maryland chamber (cmc) has named the business monthly its 2020 business partner of the year. the award will be celebrated at the cmc’s annual meeting and hall of fame business awards, which is to be held virtually on wednesday, aug. 19.

金誉彩票Jay A. Pearman, MD, Chancellor of the University System of Maryland, will be the keynote speaker.



How to choose a trustworthy digital vendor

Angie Barnett

as small business owners, we’re always in search of new technologies that cut costs and save time.

with social media management systems, we can schedule weeks of digital content in advance, while hr tools allow us to house timesheets, benefit information and important forms all in one place. in fact, there are so many digital services available that it can be hard to find the right one for your business.

金誉彩票just like any other vendor, the quality of their products and services will vary, and some might even have hidden clauses entitling them to your content. protect customer information and streamline your business with these tips for choosing a digital vendor.

Determine what your business really needs金誉彩票. Most digital tools on the market will have more capabilities than you’ll actually use.

break down exactly what your business needs and will actively use versus what you may like to have but don’t necessarily need. compare your list of needs, wants and don’t needs to the services you’re interested in.

Take advantage of that free trial offer金誉彩票. These days, most subscription services offer a trial period to test out the service. It may just be one free week, but it still allows you the opportunity to truly see the service in action.

by testing it out, you’ll see if it’s user-friendly and truly houses all the tools you need. plus, you’ll get to see if it actually makes things easier or if its learning curve is too steep a hill to climb.

but don’t forget to cancel your free trial if you choose not to continue, otherwise your subscription could be automatically renewed.

Understand the terms and conditions of your contract.金誉彩票 Even if you plan to stick with a service, you should prepare for the day that you cancel. Ensure you know how to cancel your subscription and what happens when you do.

it’s not uncommon for terms and conditions to include clauses stating that the service provider owns anything you create using their tools and many digital platforms will lay claim to any data you provide like your mailing list.

金誉彩票wading through the fine print of your contract will be a cumbersome process, but it could save you from extra stress later.

Ensure you know how to measure your progress.金誉彩票 Whatever service you choose, you won’t know whether it’s actually improving your strategy unless you know how to find that information.

金誉彩票for instance, if you’re investing in an email marketing service, you can track your progress based on key metrics like open rates and clicks. by tracking your progress, you’ll be able to determine what methods work and what you should do differently.

Check with BBB. You can always find trustworthy businesses at , and that goes for business owners and consumers alike. Check the BBB directory to find a business you can trust, or search for a business you’re already interested in.

金誉彩票plus, you can read customer reviews and check to see if a business has a history of complaints before you commit.

shop around before you make a commitment to a digital vendor. whether you’re looking for a tool to help you streamline your social media marketing efforts or you’re ready to invest in an hr management system, be sure you know exactly what you need, how your options measure up and how you can track your progress.

By Angie Barnett, president and CEO of the .

Fort Meade command ceremony set for Aug. 18


Col. Erich Spragg will relinquished command of Fort Meade to Col. Christopher Nyland in a ceremony scheduled for today, Aug. 18.

金誉彩票nyland, who will be the 87th fort meade commander, recently served at the pentagon as the military deputy to the assistant secretary of defense for manpower and reserve affairs; previously, he commanded the united nations command security battalion joint security area in the republic of korea.

金誉彩票spragg’s next duty station will be in quantico, va., where he will serve as the army chair of the united states marine corps war college.


Section 889 deadline looms for Chinese threats

Gloria Larkin

金誉彩票as of aug. 13, every federal contractor, whether a one-person operation, or a multi-billion dollar corporation, must certify that they and their extended supply chains, do not use, contain, install or sell covered telecommunication and video security equipment or services that are produced by huawei, zte, hytera, hikvision, and dahua and their subsidiaries.

金誉彩票section 889 (“prohibition on certain telecommunications and video surveillance services or equipment”) is part of the fiscal year 2019 national defense authorization act (ndaa) where the intent is to limit the exposure of critical federal infrastructure to chinese threats.

金誉彩票a recent acquisition.gov statement explained “…the federal government alone experiences hundreds of thousands of digital assaults every day. malicious actors are persistent, usually well-funded and constantly changing their tactics. they often exploit technologies from the identified chinese companies to do so. the administration shares congress’ strong commitment to addressing insidious threats to the nation’s national security and intellectual property.”

there are two prohibitions in the ndaa legislation, part a addressing federal agency issues and part b, addressing businesses serving as government contractors, and their supply chains. part a, relating to federal agencies, became effective august 13, 2019 and prohibited the government from obtaining the covered equipment and services.

金誉彩票part b, effective aug. 13, is specific to contractors and their supply chain. it specifically states that the government is prohibited from contracting with any entity that uses the covered telecommunications equipment or services produced by the noted entities.

金誉彩票this is critical for companies to realize that their own telecommunications and security systems, and those of their supply chain are included, not just new products provided to the government customer.

金誉彩票the prohibition applies regardless of whether or not the usage is in performance of work under a federal contract and applies to every sector and every dollar amount. companies are required to conduct a reasonable inquiry and legally certify whether they do or do not use prohibited equipment or services.

part b has been added to the federal acquisition regulation (far) at far subpart 4.21.

“federal contractors must now identify hundreds of prohibited entities across their extended supply chains and continuously monitor those supply chains to ensure prohibited companies don’t re-enter them over time,” said jennifer bisceglie, ceo of interos (interos.ai). “the real concern for businesses here is that this level of compliance will be impossible without a technology-based solution, manual processes just won’t be able to cut it. the government has said as much in the federal register. it will cost the private sector to do 889 compliance right – but it’s a cost well worth bearing to help everyone do the right thing.”

the general services administration (gsa) is planning a live webinar september 10, 2020 to discuss how the agency’s leaders are implementing section 889 in their specific business lines. to register for this no-cost webinar visit: .

Gloria Larkin is president and CEO of TargetGov, American Express Procurement Advisor and a national expert in business development in the government markets.

Howard joins amicus brief to protect LGBTQ+


howard county has joined an  seeking the invalidation of a u.s. department of health and human services (hhs) rule that would strip anti-discrimination and foreign language protections from the affordable care act.

金誉彩票howard county invests heavily to counteract the negative effects of healthcare discrimination on the lgbtq+ community. the county invests in outreach, community engagement work, and compliant investigations to serve lgbtq+ residents. the amicus brief also notes, “the cascading costs of discrimination are especially expensive for local governments, which bear primary responsibility for managing public safety-net benefits, economic supports, child welfare systems, and emergency and transitional housing.”

howard county’s human rights code also affords protections to individuals who may have been subjected to discrimination due to their gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, along with 12 other protected bases.

HEICO acquires two local surveillance companies


Hollywood, Fla.-based HEICO Corp. announced that its Electronic Technologies Group acquired Transformational Security (TS), of Columbia; and Intelligent Devices (ID), of Owings Mills. The cash deal includes potential additional cash consideration to be paid if certain post-closing earnings levels are attained. Further financial details were not disclosed.

金誉彩票 stated that it expects the acquisitions to be accretive to its earnings within the first 12 months after closing. the acquisitions are heico’s fourth and fifth acquisitions in its current fiscal year, as well as being heico’s second and third acquisitions since the covid-19 pandemic’s start.

金誉彩票id, which was founded in 1995 by edmund pirali, and , which was founded in 2004 by jon whittingham, are leading security technology companies that design, develop, manufacture and support state-of-the-art detection and monitoring systems used to protect critical spaces from exploitation via wireless transmissions, technical surveillance, and listening devices. their products include hardware and software which detect, identify and analyze an array of threats posed in cellular communication security, information security and radio frequency security.

id and ts offer these solutions, commonly known as technical surveillance countermeasures (or tscm), to well-funded markets and applications, including intelligence, military, law enforcement, government agencies and the private sector.

whittingham will serve as the firms’ president and pirali will serve as its vice president. heico stated that it shall continue to operate from its existing location and expects that the two companies will be fully combined and emphasized that it does not anticipate any changes to staff, products or services.

AACC recognized for pandemic response


The League for Innovation in the Community College has recognized Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) with a 2019-2020 Innovation of the Year award, noting that the pandemic prompted “resiliency and vigor” from the college. 

Among the accomplishments cited of the school’s administration and staff:  

● Worked to migrate 1,250 classes online.

● Designed and reorganized training for employees and students new to the online format.

● Implemented a new, secure tool allowing faculty and staff to remotely connect to their work desktop.

● Rolled out a collaborative platform to provide the AACC community tools to assist with remote delivery of instruction and services.

● Expanded the student and employee loaner technology program.

“As early as February, AACC began to work to ensure continuity of operations and delivery of our mission despite a growing pandemic,” said AACC President Dawn Lindsay. “The unprecedented times required unprecedented responses, and I thank our faculty and staff for their dedication, innovation and hard work, along with the students being so open to adapting quickly and moving forward with success.”  

The League for Innovation in the Community College, an international nonprofit organization, has a mission to cultivate innovation in the community college, and established the awards more than 35 years ago as a way to recognize significant innovations at member colleges.  

Court dismisses petition for flight changes


The Fourth Circuit of U.S. Court of Appeals dismissed Howard County’s Petition for Judicial Review of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) changing flight paths as part of its implementation of NextGen. The  at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, which the county claims were made without proper notice or environmental consideration, that have caused terrible noise pollution in some neighborhoods.

“we’re disappointed at the court’s ruling and are carefully considering our options moving forward,” said county executive calvin ball. “we know this is a significant issue for our residents and we’re not done fighting on behalf of them. in the meantime, we will continue engaging with the bwi roundtable and encourage the faa to implement proposed changes to flight paths. we’re also urging the state of maryland to get back on track with the noise abatement plan, which has been severely delayed. our residents deserve progress and we will continue to pursue all options to provide relief.”

Exelon reports second quarter results


金誉彩票Chicago-based Exelon Corp. which owns BGE, reported its financial results for the second quarter of 2020.

金誉彩票“from a financial and operational standpoint, we finished the quarter strong, with each of our utilities maintaining high reliability in the face of a particularly active storm season and our nuclear fleet delivering its highest capacity factor in a decade,” said christopher crane, president and ceo of exelon. “we also reached an agreement with the u.s. attorney’s office to resolve its investigation into comed’s past lobbying practices in illinois. the conduct cited in the agreement did not live up to our values, and we took immediate action to identify deficiencies and implement new policies to ensure it won’t happen again. as we go forward, our employees remain focused on doing their essential work safely during this pandemic and serving our customers and communities with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and performance.”

“Accelerated cost savings at Exelon Generation helped offset the impact of damaging storms that affected utility earnings in the mid-Atlantic, resulting in solid adjusted (non-GAAP) earnings of $0.55 per share, which exceeded our guidance range of $0.35 to $0.45 per share,” said Joseph Nigro, senior executive vice president and CFO of Exelon. “Despite challenges caused by the pandemic, we continue to move forward with capital projects at our utilities, investing $1.5 billion during the second quarter to improve infrastructure, increase reliability and deliver better service to customers.”

HCPSS sets reopening plan


金誉彩票The Howard County Board of Education approved the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) Reopening Plan for the 2020-21 school year during its work session on Aug. 6. HCPSS will submit its plan to the Maryland State Department of Education for approval.

金誉彩票the hcpss reopening plan, applicable only for the 2020-21 school year, fulfills the 13 requirements of the  and includes several additional items beyond those already  on july 16. highlights of the plan include:

  • Assessing the instructional level of students so teachers may provide students with appropriate supports during instruction to mitigate learning gaps experienced from the extended building closure. Multiple measures will be used by teachers to determine instructional levels and supports.
  • Aligning the virtual instructional model with Maryland College and Career Ready Standards for prekindergarten through grade 12 in all content areas by providing students with, on average, three hours of synchronous learning with their teachers four days each week. The remaining instructional time is designated for students to complete asynchronous learning activities and assignments.\
  • Detailing comprehensive supports to ensure equity, including tiered supports for mathematics and language arts, and supports for homeless students, English language learners, academic and behavior needs, and several other areas that support student success.
  • Providing early intervention and special education services to children and students from birth to age 21. Current Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students will guide the specially designed instruction and related and support services to be provided during virtual schooling and other opportunities for learning during the first semester of 2020-21.
  • Outlining criteria for tracking attendance and grading expectations when students are engaged in distance learning.
  • Developing a detailed communication and engagement strategy that sets clear expectations for cultivating awareness, understanding, support, and confidence in the planning and implementation efforts of the school system to develop an instructional plan for the 2020-21 school year in a transparent and comprehensive manner.

金誉彩票additionally, the reopening plan document includes details about hcpss plans for all aspects of the fall instructional program, and includes information related to student supports, including provisions for individualized or face-to-face sessions; career education, including dual enrollment programs; fall sports; digital instruction tools and student technology; professional learning for staff; maintaining health and safety; and student meal services. the reopening plan also includes provisions for supporting student and staff well-being; diversity, equity and inclusion; expectations for staff, students and families; and other components.

hcpss superintendent michael martirano shared that through  and the reallocation of savings during the closure, hcpss will now be able to secure a chromebook for every student from pre-k through the 12th grade and have additional funds available within the contingency account to support the reopening plan.

金誉彩票the final plan and full details – including schedule information, resources for students and families, and answers to frequently asked questions – at .


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